iPower GBM8036-90T Gimbal Motor

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iPower GBM8036-90T Gimbal Motor Large torque for Big Size Gimbal and heavy Cameras


Sealed Case to prevent contamination by dust and dirty.
Hollow shaft for slipring
Configuration:36N42P,prove more torque.

-Copper wire (OD):0.20mm Pre-wound with 90 turns.
-Internal Resistance:19.3 ohms
-Motor Can Dimension:90mm(OD) x 36mm(Height) 
-Stator Dimension:81mm(OD) x 12mm(Height) 
-Wire length:450mm including JR plug
-Camera size:5.0kg-6.5kg


Package included:
- 1 x GBM8036-90T
- 1 x Motor cable

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