Built - Ready to fly

Ready to Fly platforms built by Kopterworx push the boundaries in the industry standard and are the finest that the market has to offer.
All platforms come fully built, configured and balanced to ensure our clients the best quality video recording possible. Each copter is tested with up to 3h in the air and while in the air we also test receiver range, return to home …. and when it is fully ready, we release it to the client.

Kopterworx Hammer X8B - on of the best High-End heavy lifting Drones in the Market with total weight under 25kg for EU rules.

Have you been looking for a drone capable of lifting heavy cameras and other objects? So have we. Fortunately technology has developed to a point which drones no longer are fragile machines incapable of lifting heavier objects. If you think your heavy cameras and lenses can’t be carried by a drone in air, we are happy to tell you that you are wrong.

Our Hammer X8B is capable for lifting 15kg payload (tested with 25kg) that means you can use cameras like RED, ALEXA, Sony Venice with heavy Lenses like all Cooks, Zeiss Primes, Angenieux EZ2 zoom lenses with full FIZ control.

kopterworx hammer x8b

How its made:

• We are using the most advanced materials in the market.
• Frame is made with 3K carbon plates and 3k carbon tubes, uts very light but very strong so we made it under 8kg of total weight.
• Every motor is precised matched with esc, because of that we get more flight time, perfect timings and less heating.
• Propellers are made from injection molding process with optimum hybrid mix of carbon-fibre material, foldable and tested over 10000 times.
• For flight controller we are using DJI A3 pro and on request CNC Pixhawk2 for maximum safety and redundance.
• Every system using Futaba Remote or on request DJI Lightbridge 2
• With Futaba remote you get telemetry, so you know anytime Voltage, Current, used mAmps of lipos and vario/height.
• 2nd telemetry is on OSD with all needed information, like voltage, height, speed, angle and much more.
• Damping plate is included to get maximum performance and 0 vibrations on Gimbal / Camera
• System is ready to fly and prepared for Freefly Movi PRO on request we can make it for any other gimbal like Gremsy or Ronin 2 
• Double retractable legs makes Hammer very stable and strong when you land or takeoff 
• We are using 2 pairs of batteries for safety and redundancy if 1 battery fail. 

kopterworx hammer x8b

kopterworx hammer x8b

kopterworx hammer x8b

Specification / In the Set:

• Operational Voltage: 12S (4 lipos 10.000 to 16.000 mAh 6S)
• Flight time with 10kg of payload 18-22 min
• Hover 60-70A with 10kg payload
• Flight speed over 22 m/s
• Flight controller A3 pro (CNC Pixhawk 2.1)
• Remote Futaba 16SZ (DJI LB2, CNC Here)
• Props 26 inch foldable
• Sony Low light FPV camera with OSD and analog link Immersion 600mW
• Max payload 15kg 
• Ready to use with Freelfy Movi Pro (toad in the hole)

For any aditional Information please contact us on support@kopterworx.com