Flight Trainning

Do you have no or limited experience in flying remote controlled drones?

Want to learn fast?
We can train you to use your Drone in a very short time. Our staff will assist you in understanding flight concepts, how to get your aircraft flying, the ins and outs of your aircraft system, maintenance procedures and camera set up. Our technicians will then guide you through the actual flights to ensure that you are flying your aircraft with confidence and completely on your own. Some restrictions may be applied. Contact us for further details.

Available Training Options:

Basic Training: Operation of Multi-Rotors    Introduction

  • LiPo battery charging, safety and usage
  • Anatomy of the Drone
  • Radio functions
  • GPS equipment
  • DJI Software usage and simple diagnostics
  • Flight procedure
  • Test Flights (DJI training Drone or customers)

Duration: 1 Day Price:

ProPilot Training: Fly with the Experts
(Attendance granted after completion of Basic Training)

Call us for pricing or send us request on support@kopterworx.com