Does your multi-rotor have a broken part or in need of the latest upgrade?
Do not worry! Kopterworx is here to help you.


Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

  • Your multi-rotor needs to be upgraded with new parts, firmware or camera gimbal
  • You have started the assembly of your multi-rotor and you need professional help to finish your build
  • You had an uncontrolled landing and you want your platform rebuilt to its original state
  • You want some fine-tuning of your video platform to achieve the best professional results



We can upgrade, repair and fine-tune your multi-rotor platform based on MikroKopter, DJI and ArduCopter electronics standards. We do work on all available air frames existing on the market. Please send an email (with photos, if possible) to:

Only when we receive and analyze your multi-rotor platform, we will contact you with a time and cost estimation for your project. Our standard service rate is 55.00 eur per hour.