GensAce TA1200 12S 30A Charger

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This charger is capable of charging 2 sets of lithium batteries simultaneously. The maximum power output is 1200 watts per channel. User can select between Charging mode and Maintenance mode. The charging current is adjustable between 10A, 20A and 30A. It also has over-current, over charging, over temperature, safety cut off, fast equilibrium and status indicator functions. With the charging manager TA1200 and the chargers UB-MG-Fast/UB5 combined, single charging manager can connect up to 5 sets of batteries simultaneously and charges alternately for the 5 sets of batteries on basis of charging saturation from high to low. If the charger TA1200 connects with 2 charging managers UB5/UB -MG-FAST, It can charge 10 sets of battery simultaneously. With double LCD display equipped, the charger automatically indicates real time charging status, charging voltage, charging current, charging time, battery capacity and cell voltage. There have two lipo batteries we recommend. Tattu Plus 1.0 16000mAh 15C 12S1P and 22000mAh 25C 12S1P


Input: 100-240V 18A 50/60Hz
Output: Max50.4V Max.25.0A
Max Output Power: 100-120V Max Output Power 750W×2CH /180-240V Max Output Power 1200W×2CH
Type of Battery: LiPo / Smart Battery
- Cell Count: 12S
- Channel Count: Dual Channel (10 Channels with 2 charging managers)
- Balance Tolerance: ±20mV
Input Protection: Over Current Protection
Output Protection: Over Voltage / Under Voltage / Short Circuit / Over Temperature / Reverse Polarity
- Working Environment Temperature: 0℃-40℃ / 32℉~104℉
Cooling System: Cooling Air
External Upgrade Port: Micro USB
Dimensions: ≈325×190×280.5mm
Weight: ≈9.2kg


The TA1200 charging manager is a dual channel charger with independent outputs. Each channel operates independently. When the charger is used incorrectly or there is a failure, the charger will
display an error message.

1. Startup and Self Test
Be sure all cable connections are correct. Power the unit on. The LCD display, and Led Indicator lights should come on. When the charger completes, it’s self test the buzzer will sound.
2. Operation Modes
Charging Mode: Charging Mode will balance charge the battery quickly. Maintenance Mode: When a battery has been on the shelf for a long period of time, it is recommended to use maintenance mode. If the battery life declines or the battery is out of balance greater than 50mV, Maintenance Mode will charge or discharge the battery using a small current to put the battery into proper storage voltage.
3. Setting Working Current
Use the current switch to complete the current setting based on battery capacity.
4. Charging
Long press the charge button for more than 2 seconds to begin charging immediately, or charge will start automatically after 10 seconds after connections are made.
 1. Red Light On: the charger is charging the battery and the LCD display indicates real time charging status.
 2. Green Light On: Charging is complete.

Note: When using Continuous Working Mode, the charger automatically runs a series of operations.
These automatic operations include starting, stopping, testing and switching. When using Continuous Working Mode, the charger will resume charging automatically if the battery is not removed within 30 seconds of pressing the stop button.

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