Freefly FRX Pro

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FRX Pro is the next generation of wireless control for Mōvi Pro, Mōvi Carbon, and Mōvi XL. Its increased power and improved noise rejection give it unprecedented range while improvements to the binding process make it easy to set up and use with Mōvi Controller.


  • 1500m+ (5000+ft) range*
  • Single press binding
  • Pop-n-Lock mountable
  • Configurable power settings
  • UART, CAN, and USB C connections

Included Parts 

  • FRX Pro Module (x2)
  • COM Cable 300mm (x2)
  • USB A-C Cable
  • 5dBi Antenna (x2)
  • 2dBi Antenna (x2)


  • This product is currently only compatible with Mōvi Controller. MIMIC compatibility is planned but not yet implemented.
  • This product requires updating Mōvi and Mōvi Controller to Blackjack firmware for full compatibility.

*Range is dependent on Signal power settings, RF environment, and line of sight

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