ZeroTech YS-S4 V2 Autopilot

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Zero UAV YS S4 V2 Multi-rotor IMU Flight Controller Offical Version w/GPS Navigation System


A. Excellent outlook material
Use full metal shell, precise cutting process brings new experience
B. Lighter, smaller control module
Small size, light weight, decrease copters weight, very easy to install
C. GPS navigation
Includes GPS module, precise location hover and auto return
D. PC parameter debugging software, high compatibility
Compatible with YS-X4 protocol, perfectly expands WIFI module for parameter debugging and flight data monitor
E. Superior configuration
- Support four-rotor, six-rotor
- Built-in IMU
- Precise hight location, point location
- Support PPM, normal receive mode
- Support USB upgrade
- Adds low voltage auto landing
- Three modes for out of control protection: Fallback, auto hovering, Return landing(GPS location)
- Accelerator filter, improve shock resistance
- Amendment frequency up to 400HZ

Package Included:

- Master * 1 (built-in IMU);
- GPS module * 1
- LED lights * 1
- GPS bracket * 1
- Power Module * 1
- Cable * 6