Proficnc/HEX Hexsoon EDU-450 V2 Frame Kit

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HEXSOON EDU450 Reference Frame Excellent Frame for testing and development, teardrop arms with upward tilt.

New to Version 2

  • Added 4 x LEDs, mounted in end of arms
  • New PDB has connection for LEDs
  • Landing gear now has detachable leg tubes
  • Propellers change to T1045v2
  • Motors change to 2216ii 920KV

Needed to complete

  • Flight controller - Cube Orange and Here3 GPS
  • Control - Herelink
  • Battery - 3/4s 3-6000mAh
  • Optional: like camera

Multi-Rotor UAV frame The awesome reference/education drone! Perfectly suits the cube mini and full carrier board.

What's Inside

  • Propellers (4PCS)
  • Motors (4PCS)
  • ESC (4PCS) 
  • Motor Mount set (4SETS)
  • Arm Mount set(4SETS) (New Style with legs)
  • Aerofoil Arm (4PCS)
  • Main Bottom Plate
  • Main Top Plate
  • PDB
  • Velcro Battery Strap
  • Screw Package 
  • Accessories Package
  • LED Package 
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