Multi Power board

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Multirotor Power Distribution Board

Suitable for power distribution with normal ESC's.

This is a power distribution board and LED driver. Made from 1mm FR-4 material and 2oz copper. Driver for 2 channels of LEDs is available. 7805-style regulator can be added to the board to provide 5V output. 8+4 pads on ground, 11+2 pads on positive should be enough for everybody.

Inner ring is negative (battery -), outer ring is positive (battery +). Led driver circuit is described here. SOT-23 PNP-transistor and 0805 or 0603 10K resistor is needed to complete the assembly.

Board dimensions: 70mm circular, 4mm mounting holes with 63mm spacing.

The board can handle up to 100 amps, 150 burst (30 sec).

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