MK GPS V3.5 + compass (Redundant)

Last one!
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GPS with two interated compass-sensors: GPS/Glonass receiver of the latest generation with mounted GPS Shield and two integrated compass-sensors.

It uses the normal American GPS satellites, but it can parallel receive the Russian GLONASS or chinese BeiDou satellite system.
This increase the satellite available for navigation, especially in areas with inadequate GPS coverage or signal shading (mountains, tall buildings) (see pictures)
For the suppression of external interference sources (such as video transmitters) a HF preamplifier and a SAW filter was integrated.

On the bottom side there is a mounting space for the optional external compass
The GPS shield increases the signal quality of the receiving satellites.

The board is tested ready to use with the Flight-Ctrl V3.0 or older NaviCtrl boards.
Redundant connectivity
  • two GPS-connections for two FlightControls
  • two independent compass sensors for a redundant Master/Slave setup
Scope of delivery
  • 1x board (assembled)
  • cable set


  • Please do not touch the antenna with your fingers because of ESD. This could destroy the GPS modul.
  • You need a firmware >= V2.14 !

General Notice

  • The electronic components must be protected from moisture and humidity. When operating under such special conditions a corresponding (removable) protective coating must be used.