Mauch PC - Series "V3" / Power-Switch

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This switch connects to any Power-Cube "V3" or 030: 2x 200A PDB and acts like an manual power on/off control.

It isn't just a "switch". There is a small PCB included into the main wire which implements an current control mode, rather than a simple on/off.

The switch has already an installed 3D printed holder, which can be screwed down to the main frame. If this holder is not required, then please remove the Molex 6p housing and remove the holder. Then reinsert the cables back into the housing. If in any circumstances the housing get's damaged, then there is a spare housing in the package included. 

Scope of delivery:
1x Power-Switch with 200mm connection cable
1x Switch holder ABS
2x M3x10 mounting screws incl. nuts.
1x Spare Molex housing 6p - 1.25mm