Inspire 2 LiPo Caddy

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Inspire 2 LiPo Caddy

“Caddy” is an adapter that enables usage of standard LiPo batteries on Inspire 2 - it “speaks” Inspire 2 language and sends information about voltage etc in proper format, so that you can use pair of (almost) any 6S LiPo battery (high voltage cells NOT SUPPORTED). No physical modifications to your drone required!

Benefits of using caddy with your Inspire 2
• Lower cost of running business - regular LiPo is much cheaper
• Higher discharge rate - you can draw more power and fly your Inspire 2 more aggressively
• Increased safety - you will not run into “output power limited to protect battery” error

• Self-heating does not work, so keep your batteries warm before flying!
• Powering the drone is done by plugging in batteries, power button will not switch drone off

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