Immeriosn XuGong-10 foldable quad

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Unique Foldable Quadcopter

The ultimate in portable quadcopters. ImmersionRC's XuGong, with its unique folding arm design, allows the quad to be ready to fly seconds after popping it out of a backpack. Anti-Jello supports isolate the frame from the battery and camera.

  • The ultimate in portable quadcopters. ImmersionRC's XuGong, with its unique fold
  • Robust FR4 frame, protecting all electronics, and the LiPo from crash damage
  • Vibration-free camera support, for GoPro 3, and an FPV camera
  • Supports flight controllers from DJI, OpenPilot, and others
  • Supplied in kit form, requires motors and electronics before flight

We set out to design a revolutionary quadcopter that could fit in a shoebox, not only did we want it small, we also wanted to be able to deploy and fold it in 20 seconds or less with no tools and without removing connectors. The idea grew from the desire to able to throw the entire quad into the smallest of backpacks, and take it to some of the most beautiful and difficult to reach places on the planet.

We also wanted perfect video from a GoPro 3, and an FPV camera, without 'rubber banding.

Since we fly on a daily basis we understand the unexpected landing does happen. We designed in crash protection. Over the process of development we have inadvertently tested the concept and proven that the design can withstand the occasional misfortune with no serious damage.

We succeeded...
The 10" version of the XuGong is better suited to long range flight, with hover times close to 20 minutes using standard DJI 2212 motors, and DJI 1038 props.

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