Herkules III 3-6s Brushless ESC - Hexa

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Herkules brushless ESCs do not only stand out because of their quality "made in Germany", but also because of the extensive testing procedure. Each Herkules undergoes in-depth testing by experienced technicians, and failure during initial operation is almost eliminated via artificial ageing. According to the so-called "bathtub curve", most technical malfunctions occur shortly after startup and at the end of life of the device. With the burn-in test, these unexpected breakdowns can be avoided successfully!

100% High power burn-in test included!

  • To ensure 100% functionality, each Herkules is stress-tested with a complex procedure prior to its delivery
  • Performance test with up to 30A per motor (120A Quadro / 240A Octo)
  • 4x/ 6x/ 8x AXI4120 with 15.5" propellers
  • Increased operational reliability: Possibly faulty components can be recognized by means of "artificial ageing", which minimizes the risk of failure in your multicopter

Features tested:

  • Reliability of the motor control
  • Current measurement
  • Temperature limitation
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Diagnosis feedback

"Herkules III" is the latest generation of Control Electronic for Brushless Direct Current Motors (BLDC).
The Design was significantly reworked. More Power, better self-protection and an updated firmware for perfect flight stability.

The speciality of Herkules is the integration of 4 identical very powerfull brushless controller on one PCB. This minimizes wiring effort, safes space an weight and increases the reliability.

Main focus in development was the "design to robustness" of powerstages. Only high quality components are used in this product.


Voltage Range Battery Voltage: 9-26V (3-6S Lipo)
Current Capability 30A Dauer / 60A Peak per Motor (XL-Version)
Control Protocolls I2C and PPM protocoll up to 450Hz update rate
compatible with Mikrokopter BL1.2 and DJI WKM/NAZA, etc
Reaction Time Ultrafast reaction on setpoint changes due to active breaking with energy recuperation
Connection Interface Connection to FlightControl via Micromatch, Molex or Servo Connectors
Lowest Powerloss 100% Partload capable, lowest powerloss due to active freewheeling(total path resistance < 3mOhm)
Motor Timing 24°, 18°, 12° Programmable Commutation timing
PWM Frequency 8kHz to 16kHz PWM switching frequency programmable
RPM limit up to 240.000 RPM field rotation frequency (2-pole Motor)
upt to 200.000 RPM with Telemetry enabled
Robustness Stable, wide-band firmware capable of driving various brushless Motors
Protection Features Overload protction with Telemetry Feedback
Overcurrent, Overtemperature, Stall, Timtout
Telemetry Telemetryfeedback for PPM and I2C protocoll
- Mikrokopter BL1.2 (Current and Status)
- PPM via external Telemetry Interface board with datalogger (ESC single data, summary data, Altitude)
- Graupner HoTT, Jeti Duplex and standard Serial Protocoll
(Spectrum, JR, Hitec, Futaba, Multiplex coming soon)
Programmability I2C-Adresses 1-16, type of protocoll, timing, active freehweeling and firmware updatase programmable via USB-Interface
Variants Available as Quadro, Hexa and Oktokopter Variant
Ready to Fly assembled with battery and motor wires
Dimension/Weight Hexacopter mit XL-Coolingplate: 150x150mm / 300g
High Quality 100% Made in Germany

Herkules III as HexaVersion soldered with 2x 6mm² silocon batterywire and 6x3 soldered motorcables with 3,5mm connector

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