Gentles Shutter GH4, GH5, GH5S + multispeed zoom control

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For Panasonic GH4, GH5 cameras and camcorders with remote interface:
gentWIRE-panaJK2.5 allows control of record, shutter half / full press, and zoom

Each device uses up to two RC channels to enable remote control.

gentWIRE-panaJK2.5   (151)
Using up to 2 RC channels, allows control of the following features on compatible cameras:

  • Video RECORD,
  • Shutter half-press and full-press,
  • Multi-speed zoom control.

This product is supplied with a 200mm 2.5mm jack lead and 2 15cm servo leads, it weighs 9 grams, plus 2 grams per 15cm servo lead used.
On the buy page you can select between straight and right-angled 2.5mm camera jack,
please check space on your rig/gimbal for the best option for your needs.

See below for the camera and camcorder compatibility details,
but note that on cameras like the GH4, GH5 the correct X type lens
with power-zoom must be fitted to allow zoom control.
(e.g. Lenses 45-175X, and 14-42X)

Compatible Cameras:
AG-3DA1, AG-HVX200A, AG-AC160, AG-AF100, AG-AC90, AG-AC130, AG-DVX100A/P, AG-HMC40, AG-HMC150, AG-HPX170, AG-HPX171, AG-HPX250, AG-HPX255, AJ-PX270, HC-X1000E


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