EzOSD - 10Hz new big GPS, 100A sensor XT60

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The EzOSD provides all the essential information and safety features you need to enjoy your FPV flights. You will be able to see all important values like speed, height, heading, voltages e.g. and will receive visual warnings when the flight pack is empty, when you?re flying out of range, etc.

The following data will be shown during flight:

  • height over ground with a visual vario
  • distance and heading to home
  • airspeed over ground
  • flightpack voltage (V)
  • current consumption (mAh) and amperemeter (A)
  • flighttime shown every minute
  • callsign
  • PAL/NTSC autodetect
  • metric/feet display
  • some of these items are user selectable

Configuration of the EzOSD is simple by using three small buttons on the OSD, which work similar to that of a mobile phone (up/down/enter) to navigate through the menu. On the menu you can for example set alarm values like max. height, max. range or min. voltage. The alarms will trigger when their treshold value has been reached, i.e. if you reach a height over your set alarm value the height will begin to flash, which will be visible immediately.

OSD data:

  • width: 30mm
  • height: 15mm
  • lenght: 60mm
  • weight OSD: 12g
  • weight current sensor: 28g


  • 10Hz GPS update rate
  • flight summary at the end of each flight
  • live telemetry downlink over one audio channel (record it or view it live with google earth)
  • RSSI voltage on screen possible with most rc receivers
  • track your antenna with the optional EzTracker with the telemetry data
  • OSD on/off through a free RC channel
  • show your HAM radio callsign
  • GPS receiver is included in the main unit, no more cabling needed

The EzOSD is supplied with a 100A current sensor and a cabling (just get the custom cabling for our immersionflight SETs

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