DJI S800 Vibration Absorber Kit

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Anti Vibration Kit for S800

The kit contains six dampers and an IMU mounting plate. You can install them easily on your S800 without making any changes to your S800 and flight performance can be improved greatly. All you have to do is just installing the six dampers between the S800 frame arms and the landing gear, and the air-core damping ball within the dampers will absorb the high frequency vibration. It effectively reduces the high frequency vibration influence to the IMU and gimbal, and makes the S800 flying more stable.


  • IMU mounting plate: 21g;
  • Damper: 15g (each);
  • Total weight: 111g;
  • Damping ball hardness: Shore A 50;
  • Working temperature: - 20-70°C;


  • Effective isolation and absorption of the high frequency vibration;
  • Aluminum alloy CNC technology;
  • Easy installation;

The difference between with and without the vibration absorber

Before we mount the vibration absorber on the S800, we stick the GoPro camera on the landing gear directly and the shooting footage are full of water ripples; after we mount the vibration absorber on the S800, you can see clearly the working state of the vibration absorber, and there are no water ripples in the shooting footage, in addition, the vibration absorber will greatly reduce the vibration of the IMU and the gimbal.

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