Alta X Payload Vibration Damper

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The Alta X Payload Vibration isolator ensures your payload is not subjected to the harsh vibrations caused by the large Alta X Props. This vibration isolator allows you to shoot stable footage at full speed, and on long lenses, making Alta X the industry favorite heavy lift cinema drone.

The isolator has tune-able quick release cartridges and pan dampers to ensure you can tune your gimbal as high as possible for maximal disturbance rejection.

Compatible with Freefly's interchangeable vibration isolator cartridges, it is easy to customize isolator stiffness levels according to different payload weights, providing optimal smoothness.

Installing the damper with its included fasteners and 30A isolator cartridges takes only minutes.

  • Lightweight aluminum vibration isolation for drone payloads
  • User configurable with Alta X isolator cartridges (30A included, 40A & 50A available)
  • Integrated male “Toad” payload interface
  • Ships ready to install to Alta X chassis (10mm tool and fasteners included)
  • Compatible with all Alta X variants

In the box:

  • Qty 1 - Alta X Payload Damper w/ installed 30A isolator cartridges (9)
  • Qty 4 - M4 x 60 Standoff 
  • Qty 4 - M4x14 Combo Head Bolt
  • Qty 1 - 10mm Combo Wrench (for installing standoffs)
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