Freefly Alta X Normal Battery Plate

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Battery Plate for Alta X for using normal 6s Battery, very light made from 3K Carbon.

As its really hard to get Alta X batteries and there is very expensive shipping for orignal Alta X 12S Battery Packs, we made solution to use normal 6S Batteries. 
For example you can use old Alta 8 batteries or any others.

We made a test with 4x 14.000 mah lipos 
- price for 4x 14.000 6S is 825 eur
- they are almost 1.4kg lighter then original Alta X batteries so flight time is basicly the same or a little less but you can use more payload.

On the plate fits 4x 10.000, 12.000, 14.000, 16.000 normal 6S lipos.

There is no mounting needed, you just put the plate inside.


1x Carbon Mounting plate (130g)
2x Antislip gel pads
2x Adapter to XT90 antispar connector (choose which one you need)

Alta X Freefly

Alta X Freefly

Alta X Freefly


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