Adicam SteadyCam / Accesory Mount

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Adicam SteadyCam / Accesory Mount

Kit for adapting monitors, steadicam, Freefly Movi, Ronin or tripods 35mm diameter. This set is made of aluminum which ensures high durability, stability and exceptional lightness.

In the case of heavy equipment, we recommend adapting it near the center of the trolley so that it does not overturn. The best solution for adapting/ installing is presented on the attached photos, on the steering wheel and on the narrow side of the trolley. Using the steadicam, we recommend fixing on both legs.

All our accessories are compatible, after removing the manfrotto adapter, we can mount the 75mm and 100mm heads.

Maximum lifting capacity – 30 kg

Our set includes:

2× single attachment with 35mm tube and manfrotto head R069,40