15A 6S - LiPO Battery Protector / Low Voltage Cut-off

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Low voltage cut-off module for batteries.

Adjustable threshold levels for cut-off and reconnect.

Remote pins for manual override.

Can be used as DC SSR relay.

To protect batteries from over discharge and/or short circuit and overload.


  1. Input voltage range: 6..32V
  2. Continuous current: max 15A
  3. Self consumption OFF/ON: 0.15mA/3.3mA
  4. Dimensions: 20 x 42 x 9 mm (0.79 x 1.65 x 0.35 inch)
  5. Wide 2 mm in diameter soldering terminals - you can solder any type of connector you wish.

Main Features:

  1. Adjustable threshold levels for Cut-Off and Reconnect.
  2. Auto ON on power cycle - no need to reach reconnect value to get ON after power apply.
  3. Remote ON/OFF pins to override switch state.
  4. Solid state switch (single n-ch MOSFET on positive side)
  5. Solid, epoxy sealed PCB.


  1. True short circuit protection: YES
  2. Over-current protection: YES
  3. Reverse voltage protection: YES
  4. Oscillation free operation: YES (1-2 secs delay in low voltage detection)
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