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Hoverfly GPS

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The HoverflyGPSTM adds GPS navigation to the HoverflyPROTM plug-n-fly flight control system. Our HoverflyGPS package is designed to add robust and reliable outdoor navigation control. Upon release, the HoverlfyGPS package will include the Position Hold and Return to Home software feature set. Future software feature sets, including GPS Slew, Waypoint Navigation, Ground Control Station (and more), will expand the versatility of the system.

HoverflyGPS Features:

  • GPS aided barometer for drift control
  • Compass Heading Lock
  • Position Hold
  • Return to Home
  • Flight logging and recording of GPS information and craft position
  • GPS Slew (future release)
  • Waypoint Navigation (future release)
  • 2-way communication with Ground Station (future release using XBee)

HoverflyGPS Hardware details:

- GPS Module Port
- USB Programming Switch
- USB Programming Port
- 16x Microprocessors (2 Propellers)
- MicroSD Card Slot
- XBee Socket (module optional - specs released Fall 2011)
- XBee Indicator LEDs for Dout, Din, and RSSI (receive signal strength indicator)
- 3-axis Digital Magnetometer
- 6x additional receiver inputs for future expandability
- External Bus (details in future release)
- Indicator RGB LED
- Enhanced noise rejection power circuit
- Plugs directly into any HoverflyPRO (green or black)

HoverflyGPS Package Includes:

  • HoverflyGPS Board
  • External GPS Module (with 10” extension cable for ease of mounting on craft)
  • Micro SD card for high speed data logging
  • 4x anti-vibration mounting grommets
  • 4x 6.25mm (0.25”) standoffs for mounting HoverflyGPS board with HoverflyPRO


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