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8 ESCs on two boards (for Oktos) with heat sink!  Extremely fast brushless controllers version V3 for our MikroKopter

IMPORTANT: Use FlightCtrl Firmware V2.02 (or greater), otherwise read the instructions in the wiki !

The board is tested and programmed (including bootloader)


  • voltage : 10 to 30V -> 3 -7S Lipo
  • 6 -layer PCB for optimal heat dissipation . 70u copper layers make the entire circuit board to the heat sink .
  • current: up to 60A (per BL-Unit) and 240A (all together) with appropriate cooling
  • current limiting and temperature limiting
  • Active freewheeling -> less power loss

Fast response with speed control

  • rapid acceleration and braking of the propeller. Active and seamless braking gives the speed precisely and quickly on the new setpoint .
  • return energy to the lipo when braking. Seamless transition from acceleration to braking
  • significantly faster control with speed control
  • Video

Other Features

  • Integrated Buzzer
  • Integrated 12V voltage regulator for external LED-Supply
  • Switchable LED output -> LEDs can flash in case of undervoltage
  • Adjustable motor timing in several steps of 13-28° - compatible with the most common BL motors
  • Adjustable switching frequency ( 10kHz - 20kHz )
  • PPM to 500 Hz with simultaneous I2C - bus operation for telemetry and data logging
  • Integrated 12V stabilization for LED lighting and other 12V appliances
  • Switchable outputs for lighting -> ZB The blinking lights at low voltage
  • Software adjustable direction of rotation
  • Adjustable current and temperature limits
  • Adjustable start-PWM
  • Silent Start: test tone at startup can be disabled


  • various interfaces for setpoint input ( I2C, PPM ( 500Hz ) , serial)
  • Integrated current measurement measurement of the actual current and the used capacity on the Mikrokopter control
  • voltage and temperature measurement with data transmission to the ground station and data logging
  • 11-bit resolution (2048 steps )
  • various feedback to the MikroKopter-FlightCtrl ( blocked motor , power limiting , etc. )
  • extented configuration options (eg current limit , temperature limit , ...)
  • two LEDs (OK and Error )
  • Adressable by loder-jumpers (address 1-8)
  • I2C bus access possible in PPM mode - for data logging and telemetry in PPM mode
  • status messages are transmitted to the FC ( engine blocks , Current, Self-test error ...)
  • current measurement up to 75A per controller
  • Convenient configuration of the BL controller via FC

mechanical data

  • hole: 3mm
  • Dimensions (W x H ): see documention in the Wiki
  • weight: ca. 260g


  • 2 SMD preassembled, programmed and tested boards already mounted and soldered
  • Lipo Power cable (open ends)
  • 1-line cable for LED output control

General Notice

  • The electronic components must be protected from moisture and humidity. When operating under such special conditions a corresponding (removable) protective coating must be used.



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