ZERO TECH E1100 RTF + Canon 5D gimbal

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Demo product, flown 2 times.

The Zero Tech E1100 is a professional ready to fly octocopter solution for aerial work. It is equipped with the Gemini dual redundancy autopilot and brushless gimbal  Z2000. Its safe and stable platform has been specifically designed for commercial and industrial use. Zero Tech E1100 is simply the most advanced, professional ready to fly system currently available.


1x Foldable frame
1x 3-axis brushless gimbal Z2000 for 5D
8x Motor
8x Propeller
8x ESC
1x Gemini dual-redundancy autopilot
1x OSD
1x Receiver converter
1x Safety parachute
1x Retractable landing gear
1x All needed cables
1x Traveling case


Flying parameters
Hover time: 11min (12000mAh & takeoff weight 8kg)
Recommended power battery: 6S LiPo (single or dual battery option)
Fail-safe control: auto-open parachute, one motor fail protection and Gemini dual redundancy autopilot

Control requirement
RC Radio supported: PCM or 2.4Ghz, 7 channels at least
Receiver supported: S-Bus common receiver
RC Radio supported (Gimbal): PCM or 2.4Ghz, 7 channels at least
Receiver supported (Gimbal): S-Bus common receiver

Diagonal wheelbase: 1100mm
Frame weight: 4800g
Single arm length: 440mm
Maximum take-off weight: 12.5kg

Material: carbon fiber
Size: 1560

Type: Z2000
Camera supported: Canon 5D MARK II, Canon 5D MARK III
Lens supported: EF17-40MM Canon f / 4L USM, 24mm / 35mm, Sigma 12-24mm 1: 4.5-5.6
Gimbal features: 360° panoramic shooting; auto dodging landing gear; multiple lens supported; directly insert and get SD card


Heavy-lift capability
The maximum take-off weight is 11kg which means it can carry heavier equipment.

Small, Portable Design
Fold down arms of E1100v3 make the device very portable and easy to transport.

High Efficiency
Customized carbon fiber propellers are light, efficient and strong.

GEMINI Flight Controller
Dual redundancy Flight controller combines high-end flight experience with incredible safety. It is equipped with two independent controllers and two GPS antennas. In case of a sensor problem the other controller will take over and alert the user. This feature significantly decreases the risk of system failure.

Integrated circuit design
All circuits including batteries, electronic components, motors and ESCs are integrated into the frame and arms. The integration simplifies wiring, reduces the possibility of malfunction and enables quick disassembly. It also hugely increases safety and reliability.

Shutter control Function
E1100 supports shutter control for compatible cameras. Upon completing the flight, all photo data can be saved to a file. Data includes longitude, latitude, altitude, course and attitude for each photo.

GCS – Ground Control Station
The whole flight, from take-off to landing, can be easily operated using portable devices like Smartphone/Tablet/PC GCS, which allows mobility and portability.

Black box
Built-in black box automatically records data and saves the last minute of activity before motors stop rotating. It doesn’t require any additional data storage. Auto-recording and simple data exporting allows the user to easily review flight logs.

Follow Mode
This feature requires using a smartphone as GCS in GPS hover mode. After “follow me” function has been enabled, the aircraft will lock its heading and its flight path will directly follow phone’s GPS location. Flying altitude is set by user.

Safety Parachute Compatibility
The parachute automatically deploys when the aircraft reaches 70 – 90 degrees angle. The flight controller will stop motors to protect the aircraft and parachute system. Parachute is directly connected to the flight controller.

360° Panorama
One-button function that controls the aircraft and allows gimbal to complete 360° rotation at the same time. In order for this feature to work properly the aircraft has to carry a matching Zero Tech gimbal. Autopilot controls the camera to take a 360° panoramic image. Function scans 4 layers of 37 high-definition photos for Panorama.

Waypoint Mission
User has an option to set a number of waypoints or to select pre-set patterns. Each Waypoint has an individual set-up such as height, hoover time, flight speed, etc., to meet the complex requirements for Auto-Mission. Shutter control can be set for each waypoint to track mission flights. All inputs can be easily changed during the flight.

Intelligent Course Lock
Intelligent Course Lock allows autopilot to record aircraft’s nose direction, and to fly the aircraft as recorded. From this moment the aircraft nose direction has nothing to do with forward direction.

Low Voltage Alert (SMARTPHONE GCS)
When voltage drops to pre-set low value, phone will automatically alert the user by vibration. When voltage drops below the pre-set low value, phone will keep vibrating at and high-frequency to remind the user to land the aircraft immediately.

Precise Position Hold
The flight controller uses the Kalman filter method to calculate the attitude and vertical velocity. Sophisticated sensors allow very precise hovering, which is less than 1.5 m horizontal and 0.5 m vertical.

Multiple Control Modes
With Gemini equipped Zero Tech E1100 supports multiple flight control modes and allows an easy switch between Manual mode, GPS attitude mode (Auto Hover /Auto Navigation /Auto Go Home/Landing), Phone attitude mode, Phone remote control mode, Rocker-arm mode.

Wi-Fi Connection
WIFI module provides convenient and simple communication between aircraft and smartphone/tablet or PC used as ground station. WIFI module has built-in two communication modes: Router mode and PP mode. The user can choose preferred mode. PP mode is very convenient for open space flights.

Phone Attitude Control
This feature allows to operate the aircraft using a smartphone device. User can fully control the aircraft by tilting their smartphone. Flying direction will follow tilt movements.