ProfiCNC/HEX Herelink Air Unit

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Hex/ProfiCNC - HereLink Air Unit


The Herelink HD Transmission System by Hex Technologies/ProfiCNC in Beta version. The hardware is already final, new software updates are released successively and new features will be added. The system consists of a Herelink controller and a specially developed Herelink Air Unit, which communicates via a 2.4 GHz network. In addition to controlling a UAV, the system also allows image transmission from up to two cameras connected via Mini HDMI.

In addition to controlling the UAV, the Herelink controller also enables live HD image transmission with a low latency of 110 ms. Also, the Herelink controller provides the complete QGroundControl range of functions, as well as all data, such as the telemetry data is available in real time. The controller also has a touchscreen.

The system is Android based. The Herelink HD system is supported by both Ardupilot and the PX4 flight stack.

Scope of Delivery:
1x Air unit with antennas

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