PixHack 3DR OEM All-You-need Ultimate Flight Controller COMBO

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PixHack 3DR OEM All-You-need Ultimate Flight Controller COMBO (Pixhawk fully compatible)

NOTE: Includes PIXHACK flight controller, which is 100% compatible with original Pixhawk, but it has internal sensor dampening.

Package Includes
- PixHack flight controller
- safety switch x1
- Buzzer x1
- Original Case x1
- 8GB SD Card x1
- SD Card Adapter x1
- External LED light board X 1
- PPM Module x1
- Pixhawk-I2C Splitter Expand Module X 1
- Neo-M8N Gps Module x1
- Black Gps Holder x1
- Minim OSD x1
- v2 telemetry x1 (433 telemetry)

An improved, more cost-effective version of the popular PX4 flight controller hardware. Ships in a robust plastic case with a vibration-isolated IMU and a high-quality uBlox M8 GPS puck. We test-flew this over several months and came to the inclusion that it's the best hardware for any Pixhawk-based quadcopter.


  • Pixhack Autopilot in aluminum case
  • GPS+Compass module with matching retractable stand
  • External buzzer with a safety switch button
  • Current sensor with optional XT60 connectors and matching connector cable
  • Micro USB cable
  • SD card and adapter
  • LED/USB and I2C splitter boards
  • 8ch PPM encoder
  • 3-wire servo & standard telemetry cables
  • Dimensions: 67 x 43 x 15 mm


Please click here for the Pixhack manual.


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