GensAce 14000 mAh V2 6S 25C Hi Amps

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Tattu 14000mAh 6S 25C 22.2V Lipo battery is one of the first Tattu line specially made for UAV, big capacity, 25c rate, able to hold and provide the power all big UAV needed, stable to make the expensive aerial equipment safe, and secure the longest flight time you can get.

Higher capacity than comparable size packs,
Perfect for high-performance models,
Tattu batteries provide high quality, reliable power for your UAV Drones.


  • Capacity: 14000mAh,
  • Voltage: 22.2V/6S,
  • Discharge Rate: 25C,
  • Weight: 1755g
  • Size: 192*78*58mm;

Connector: XT90 antispark or EC5 - depende on series.