Freefly Pilot 3 Axis F/I/Z Controller

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Pilot is a fully featured 3 axis F/I/Z controller that seamlessly integrates with both MōVI Pro and MōVI XL and gives users complete control over MōVI settings, Pointing, and Lens controls.

Think of pilot like a MIMIC on steroids. Complete pointing control of the gimbal combined with industry standard inputs for focus, iris, and zoom. Pilot feature adjustable focus knob damping, and a 2 axis force joystick that can be used for gimbal pointing, zoom, or just about any axis.


  • 2 Axis Force Joystick
  • Iris Slider
  • 600+ ft range
  • Complete control of MōVI Settings
  • MIMIC control of MōVI Pointing
  • A-B buttons on both Iris and Focus module for marks and other advanced features


  • 1x Pilot 3 Axis F/I/Z Controller (includes):
    • MIMIC
    • Pilot Backbone
    • Pilot Iris / Zoom Module
    • Pilot Focus Module
    • 2x Pilot COM to COM cable - 200mm
  • 2x Pilot COM to COM cable - 200mm 
  • 2x Pilot COM to COM cable - 300mm 
  • 2x Pilot COM to COM cable - 500mm 
  • 1x USB 2.0 Type C to Micro B 
  • 1x USB Type C to Type A Cable
  • 1x L-Key (Hex Key)
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