DJI Ronin 4D-8K

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• Highly Integrated Modular Design
• Full-Frame Gimbal Camera
• 8K/75fps internal RAW Recording
• 4-Axis Active Stabilization
• LiDAR Focusing
• Wireless Transmission and Control System

Integrated and Modular Design, Ready to Use
DJI Ronin 4D integrates cinematic imaging, a 4-axis gimbal, LiDAR focusing, and wireless video transmission and control, [1] making it incredibly convenient for you to start shooting quickly.

Full-Frame Gimbal Camera for Cinematic Footage
The full-frame X9 gimbal camera can internally record in 8K/75fps RAW [3], and supports 14+ stops of dynamic range, dual native ISO, built-in 9-stop ND filters, and interchangeable lens mounts to put cinematic imagery within your reach.

Precise and Intuitive LiDAR Focusing
Autofocus is fast, accurate, and reliable even in low-lit environments, and is now available on manual lenses. LiDAR Waveform makes manual focusing more intuitive and convenient. Automated Manual Focus delivers an unrivaled focusing experience.

4-Axis Active Stabilization on Par with a Dolly
The Z-Axis effectively eliminates vertical camera shake and works with visual sensors and ActiveTrack Pro to let you create smooth, stable footage effortlessly.

Up to 20,000-foot Wireless Transmission and Control Range [2]
O3 Pro Video Transmission Technology adds DFS frequency bands and enables 1080p/60fps video transmission. It supports one transmitter with multiple receivers and can remotely control gimbal, focusing, and camera settings.

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