DJI Osmo Pro/RAW - Wired Video Adapter

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The Osmo Pro/RAW Wired Video Adapter allows you to connect the Osmo Pro/Raw directly to an Android mobile device or CrystalSky Monitor via USB for a stable and reliable live video feed. In contrast to Wi-Fi connection, a wired connection reduces latency and choppiness, helping operators focus manually accurately, and the adapter also enables Peak Focus*.
The Osmo Pro/RAW Wired Video Adapter can be used with the Osmo X5 Adapter and Osmo Pro/RAW Z Axis. It also comes with a DJI Focus communication port, which allows a mobile device and DJI Focus or DJI Focus Handwheel to connect simultaneously. *DJI GO for Android version v3.1.5, Android system v4.4.0 or later and Osmo Pro/RAW firmware v1.4.0.70 are required. Note that the Osmo Pro/RAW Wired Video Adapter cannot be used with iOS devices due to iOS system limitations.
Make your video feed stable and smooth.
The Osmo Pro/RAW Wired Video Adapter only supports the Zenmuse X5 and Zenmuse X5R. It cannot be used with the Zenmuse X3 or Zenmuse Z3.
In the Box
Osmo Pro/RAW - Wired Video Adapter × 1
Output: USB 2.0
Zenmuse X5
Zenmuse X5R
DJI Focus Handwheel 2
Osmo Pro/RAW - DJI Focus Handwheel
Osmo Pro/RAW - Handwheel 2 Communication Cable 
Osmo Pro/RAW
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