DJI Goggles Racing Edition OcuSync Air System Set

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The New Ocusync Air System for DJI Goggles Race Edition

This is a standalone Ocusync system from DJI, it allows you to fit DJI’s digital wireless video and control system to pretty much any thing you like,  Car, Plane or Multirotor this is a complete digital transmission system will transmit low latency video and control signal unto 7km and is specifically designed to be used with the DJI Goggles Race Edition.

Ocusync its able to transmit both control link and video over the same digital link, you simply connect your supported 3rd party radio directly to the goggles via the trainer port and the air end to your flight controller via PPM or SBUS and your ready to go, this avoids any interference caused by either system on the same frequency to give you a stable control and video link over great distance.

The system is also able to record your flight video directly on the Air End Module and/or onto the DJI Goggles for playback later.

The Air System
The Set consists of an Ocusync Air Unit, A Digital FPV Camera and Antenna Set.

OcuSync Video Transmission Module

The Spec

The OcuSync Video Transmission Module offers 2.4 and 5.8 GHz dual-band digital video transmission
Latency as low as 50 ms 
Maximum control range of up to 7 km.
Up to 1280×960 HD transmission 
Automatic Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) transmission
12 Selectable Digital Video Channels
SBUS & PPM Control Outputs 
MultiWii - MSP Compatible Telemetry
3S-4S Input

Looking Over the Unit  Externally

Duel MMCX Antenna Connections on one side

Micro SD Card Slot for Recording onboard the Air Unit

Camera Input via a custom USB C port and Main Harness input for SBUS, UART and Power, the system supports connection to most common flight controllers such as most F3 or F4 based controllers, KISS or NAZE ext, basically any Sbus or PPM compatible controller, telemetry support is currently for MSP. 

PPM Output and Micro USB for Updating Firmware


Its size is 72 × 33 × 14 mm, W 43.7g, comparing its size to a standard 9g servo

Camera Module

The DJI OcuSync Camera has a 1/3'' CMOS Sensor with an effective 1.2M pixels, 2.65 mm, f2.0 lens giving a 148 degree FOV, it offers much higher resolution video transmission than most analog FPV on the market. It also uses a global shutter significantly reducing rolling shutter effect caused by high-frequency vibration.

It has 3 mounting post embedded in each side for fitment to the included bracket


It has a custom USB C Connection that is keyed

Compared To Runcam

Its size is 29.4 × 28.2 × 22.6 mm and weights 18.2g, its a little smaller than a Runcam Swift when compared together

Included cables and antennas adapters

RC Control cables for attaching you existing radio to the Goggles to send control over the Ocusync system.
DJI Support the following radio systems for connection via the trainer port
X9D (Frsky),DEVO 10 (Walkera), T8FG (Futaba),T14SG (Futaba), WTF09sll (WFLY), AT9S (RadioLink) via trainer port


Included in the kit are a number of Antennas so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs


There are two Pagoda 2.4Ghz antennas, one RPSMA and one MMCX Connectors that are recommended for racing

The MMCX Connector
Duel frequency cylindrical circular polarization omnidirectional antennas

These are for both 2.4 and 5.8Ghz use

These are covered in a flexible rubber cover for protection

Dipole antennas

For close up flight in both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz DJI have included this traditional omni sticks

The Complete Air End Kit

Overall I think  this is a very nice package to go along side the new Goggles RE,the Ocusync system is a real step forward giving us access to DJI’s wireless system in a small package for the first time. 

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