Built - Ready to Fly

Ready to Fly platforms built by Kopterworx push the boundaries in the industry standard and are the finest that the market has to offer.
All platforms come fully built, configured and balanced to ensure our clients the best quality video recording possible. Each copter is tested with up to 3h in the air and while in the air we also test receiver range, return to home …. and when it is fully ready, we release it to the client.

We are specially proud of our latest RTF sets which were built for heavy duty users who wanted only the best on the market. Kopterworx HAMMER edition is made to last long and to be 100% safe. We try to keep the best performance while the security and safety are the number 1 on the list. They are built to be a true working horse for you.

All our Ready to Fly platforms include:

  • Free multi-rotor operation & flight training at Kopterworx
  • Software flight simulator AeroSim
  • Free phone/skype support for 6 months

Each build can be customized with a diverse selection of options/add-ons including:

  • 360 deg perfectly stabilized camera mounts
  • 2 men operation - option 3 men (zoom and iris)
  • FPV set up with osd for pilot - analogue or HD
  • Video ground station for DOP
  • Remote camera shutters
  • Custom brushless camera mounts