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From years of commercial AV production work Kopterworx developed our own custom professional filming rigs that we know we can depend on day in, day out. And these rigs have been put through working tests in all extremes of temperature. Kopterworx does not only use what is considered to be the "best parts available" but we have personally tested components over long periods of time and have chosen only components that have been proven to perform to their high standards. Kopterworx overtime have developed a series AV rigs that keep them in demand, working everyday and in the air. And now they are going to offer the public the chance to own the same professional rigs they use.

Kopterworx wants potential customers to know:
Safety and redundancy is our first priority. When the new HammerX8 models were designed and tested the main points that were taken into account were potential overheating problems, esc burn outs, battery redundancy and safe payload capability. We have put together the best components for maximum safety, longest endurance and maximum dependability.

hammer x8

Frame design that is made to handle big payloads
• Foldable (2 by 2 booms together)
• Special feature is also the modular anti vibration system that is implemented. (stiffness can be changed using rubber dampeners with adding, removing or changing types off rubbers quite easy)
• Multiple gimbal option with option to change in less than 5 min
• Camera gimbal is easy detachable from frame so the whole copter is easy to transport
• Space for 4 battery packs - easy installation
• Retractable landing gear
• FPV camera, OSD and separate telemetry, position and telemetry flight log


Recommended Camera: RED Scarlet, Epic, Dragon, Weapon, Alexa Mini and others.
Weight Including Motors: 5800g
Dimensions without propelers :930 x 930 x 350mm
Recomended Payload: 7000g
Propeler trust(max): 30.000g
Construction: Carbon Fiber
Max Flight Time (RED/Alexa Mini): 8 min.
Propeller: 18 inch

Scope of Delivery
• Pixhawk 2 or A3 pro (clients choice upon request)
• Hammer X8
• MC20, MZ24 or Futaba SG14 transmiter with pult and 7 inch LCD for FPV
• A3 Pro FPV with OSD or Pixhawk 2 with telemetry to ground station (notebook not included)
• Antivib with Toad in the hole or Gremsy Quick release.



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